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Anandtech "I also ran across a free raid recovery program that was terrific. I forget the name, but if you google free raid recovery it's the only one out there."
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StorageReview "I managed to work out the correct RAID Array parameters (using ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery)..."
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TechSupportForum "Since the stripe size and sequence was so important I found a tool that discovered these data."
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Seagate "I tried a few raid recovery softwares and I found one that worked for me!"
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"I found the program ReclaiMe which worked amazingly well. There is a freeware program that this company offers that is able to analyze the Raid and determines the parameters."
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R-tt "There's a free utility to find RAID parameters: ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery. As far as I understand, it works regardless of the file system used in the RAID."
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SpiceWork "The only free solution that might help you is ReclaiMe."
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Whirlpool "You can reconstruct array sets using software tools. ReclaiMe RAID (Windows) Recovery is one... [these] tools examine the metadata it sees on all attached disks and tries to rebuild the array (If possible) from it's findings."
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Geforce "As to the sofware I mentioned, I'm thinking of: Reclaime: http://www.freeraidrecovery.com/"
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Ghacks Martin Brinkmann: "Raid Recovery is a free nice to have program that can be used to repair common raid failures."
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ChrisPirillo Chris Pirillo: "Simplicity was an important goal when the ReclaiMe team set out to create the software. In my experience, this philosophy absolutely paid off as the software is easy enough to use that just about anyone can recover files with little to no experience in file management."
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StorageNewsLetter "The ReclaiMe data recovery company released ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery software - a tool that can recover a failed storage spaces configuration."
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